Waterguard UV Filters By Cynortic

Citimate, Ranchmate & Farmmate models available from Filtermate

Filtermate builds a range of Whole House Water Filters to suit various applications and property sizes at their facility in Western Australia.  All filter units are fully assembled and pressure tested prior to being shipped, are pre-mounted on rigid pvc that won't warp or rot, and are encased in an attractive weather resistant aluminium case for simple outdoor or indoor installation. Our water filters all include stainless steel fittings and guages, NSF approved Housings and Watermark approved valves. Our units with UV sterilisation also include stainless steel reaction chambers, Philips Germicidal UV lamps and advanced electrial ballasts with alarm protection. Our commercial unit comes with additional safety technology with optional shut off valves and Aquatrip leak detection system included.

We supply a wide range of residential and commercial customers throughout the country and offer excellent after sales service.

Model Citimate Residential Farmmate
Ranchmate +
25mm inlet and outlet with valves Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
5 micron washable pleated sediment pre-filter to remove heavy sediment Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
1 micron poly propylene filter to remove fine sediments Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
Activated carbon block filter to remove
chemicals, toxins and odours
Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
Gauges 2 3 3 3
Steriliser (with audio and visual alarms)
to sterilise the water of bacteria such as e.Coli
Waterguard 40W Philips UV Steriliser 75W Philips UV
75W Philips UV
Mounted and encased in alubox Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
Supported  treatable  flow rate N/A up to
up to
up to
Digital displays giving a countdown of days remaining to UV lamp replacement Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard
Solenoid water shut-off safety valve in the event of lamp failure and or Aquatrip Leak Detection system Waterguard Waterguard Waterguard Optional

Citimate Non UV Residential System

Specifically designed (without UV) for town supply water users who wish to remove chlorine, some flouride, etc from their drinking, shower, clothes washing, and cooking water supplies.

Farmmate Residential System

Suited for smaller homes, holiday homes and people on solar power on rural water supply.

Ranchmate Residential System

Suited for all houses on rural water supply, who are dependent on rain water, surface water, river, lake or bore water.

Ranchmate+ Commercial System

This is a made to order stytem for commercial clients who require additional safety features including automatic shutoff of water after failure of power or globe and/or Aquatrip Leak Detection device.





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