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How long do the filters and UV globes last, and what do they cost to replace?

Filter life varies according to water quality, water quantity, and frequency / standard of your filter cleaning regime. A filter maintenance guide is contained in the manual, but budget on 2-3 sets of filters per annum. Usually the first indication that filters need replacing is a noticable drop in water pressure in your house. 

The UV globe typically has a life of 12-18 months but should be replaced annually. The ballast on your system has a count down timer from either 550 or 365 days depending on the system. Once the days run out, the ballast alarm will sound to indicate the globe is no longer working at optimum levels and needs to be replaced. The alarm can be silenced until you install a new globe by following the instructions on the ballast itself.

Replacements can be ordered online and shipped directly to you:  Filter Cartridges and UV Globes. If you are unsure what you need to order, contact us to discuss.

Tip: Carry a spare "first filter", (the 5 micron Pleated Pre Filter), and swap this at each cleaning inspection. See maintenance guides for further information.

I see your Whole House Water Filter Systems come in different models. How do I choose for my situation?

Have a look at the Models  page - the domestic water filters come in three types:

Citimate:  A low priced option without UV ONLY for town water supply users who wish to remove chemicals such as chlorine from their whole house water supply

Ranchmate & FarmmateTwo residential models with UV for untreated water such as tank, bore, lake or river water

Ranchmate PLUS: This model has two optional addons - lamp failure solenoid and/or Aquatrip leak detection

The difference between the UV models in the Residential range is simply the flow rate supported and the ability to add optional items. To ascertain the correct flow rate, the easist way is to check the flow rate of your pump.

Where can I buy the consumables, ie replacement filter cartridges, globes, seals etc? 
All consumables (plus any spare parts) for both the WaterGuard and Filtermate systems can be purchased either through our website (see 'Shop by Category' on the left) using our secure payment system or by phoning us directly. Note that your warranty will be voided if you use consumables or spare parts purchased from another source.

If you wish to purchase more than one item, you can add items to your shopping basket and once you are done identifying all the items you need, you can view the items in your shopping basket and proceed towards checkout and payment.

The Farmmate and Ranchmate systems look to be quite powerful; do they require 3 phase power?
The systems run on conventional single phase power and plug in to a regular 10Amp power socket. As the UV lamps and ballasts are sensitive to power fluctuations it is a condition of warranty that a single plug surge protector is fitted to the powerpoint. Note also that if a pump is used it is advisable to avoid plugging it in to the same power outlet as the system as this can cause power surges. The UV lamp only uses approximate equivalent power to a strong light globe.
Does the UV light stay on all the time?
Yes the UV must be switched on all the time (see exceptions below). As the globes and ballasts are sensitive to power fluctuations it is not advisable to continually switch the power to the system off and then on. When the UV is off the water flowing through the system is not being sterilised for bacteria etc.
If the system is installed in a holiday house, or you are going away for more than a few days, then it is advisable to switch the power off to the system to avoid overheating the UV chamber. Upon your return switch the system back on and run a hose, tap or toilet to flush the unsterilised water through the system.
What is the difference between your activated carbon block filters and granular carbon filters?
Our block filters contain activated carbon as highly ground particles offering both a greater surface area and longer water exposure time for superior absorption of toxins and odours.

Granular carbon filters are made up of coarser particles, and some actually allow water to set up a passage of least resistance through them (a water track), such that the granular carbon is less able to do its normal efficient job of absorption of water contaminants

I wish to install the Filtermate or Waterguard Whole House Water Filter Systems myself, is this possible?
Full installation instructions are contained in each Water Filtration System pack, and our outlet and inlet valves are standard 1" (25mm).

We recommend using a licensed plumber who can supply the hose connectors / additional piping to suit your own water line, which may be typically 1", 1 1/4", or 3/4".

Will the Filtermate and WaterGuard filtration systems reduce the Fluoride added to my town supply water?
Our standard 3 stage filtration system will certainly reduce the fluoride levels in town water by variable amounts according to individual circumstances, but not to the 99%+ removal possible with the likes of chlorine.

However, if you are on town water you could maximise the removal of fluoride by using two activated carbon filters in your system, substituting your Pleated Pre-Filter with a second activated carbon block filter

What maximum water pressure do Filtermate Whole House Filter Systems operate with?
A pressure regulator, (Pressure Reducing Valve), set below 70psi (488kPa), must be installed before the filter housings for water pressure exceeding 70psi.
Do the replacement filters fit under sink, boat or caravan systems?
No. The replacement filters we sell specifically fit the WaterGuardor FilterMate Whole House Systems. There may be some cases where our filters fit another brand or style of system but we cannot guarantee they are the same composition. The dimensions of the filter cartridges are approximately 250mm high x 115mm wide. There is a small variance between the individual filters.



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