Purchased a Filtermate 'Farm mate' system over 4 years ago after a lot of research into different systems and manufacturers. Couldn't be happier with the system, we use rain and bore water and it comes out crystal clear and no off tastes. Have been helpful with enquiries and fast shipping when I need replacement filters or globes. Great product and company.
I showed the plumber the system from your website and he was impressed. Especially for the money! I certainly don't want anything out of this, but I travel a lot and it is crazy that in a country like Australia we have such primitive systems – especially with water issues! Look forward to seeing the thing and getting it up and running. I've been looking for quite a while.


Your system is excellent and my neighbour bought one, a bit of advertising for you!




Just want to thank you for your excellent service and to let you know we received the purifier on Christmas eve. Have a very prosperous New Year


Everything arrived in good order thank you.


Thanks for doing business with you. This is our first filtration unit that i have bought. There is a posibility in the future, we will be buying more.


Just wanted to let you know I received the sleeve in one piece. Thanks for sending it and I appreciate the ongoing support you have given.


The water filter is sensational, the quality is excellent and we are close to working out how to set it up for demonstration.


Thanks for that information George and am EXTREMELY impressed with the prompt reply!!!


Wow, yesterday my water filter system arrived. Thanks, it looks great and I can't wait to install it this weekend


The water filter system arrived in good time and has been collected. I'm out at my parents property this weekend to install it. The install has gone fine and everything is hooked up. As a unit if looks incredible. We're really happy with the quality of everything.


The filter only took me a day to install which included running the electrical for the uv tube and running the pipework. I am very pleased with the service you have supplied.





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