Ensure that you and anybody installing or attending to your system reads the service manual and / or maintenance guides below prior to installation or performing maintenance to prevent leakage and damage to your system.
The Installation and Service Manual is taped inside the aluminium box when the system is packed. Ensure that the person installing the system reads this and provides the manual to the home owner. To protect against power surges, your warranty conditions require a surge protector to be fitted where the system plugs into the powerpoint (this is not an RCD). Single plug surge protectors can be purchased from a hardware or similar.
System Maintenance
Your system has parts that require maintaining and replacing periodically.
1. Filters- replace all three filters every 3-6 months. How often they need changing depends on many variables, including how much water you use, the quality of your water, and where the water comes from. Usually the first indication that the filters require changing is when you notice a drop in water pressure (often first noticed in the shower) or a different taste or odour in the water. 
>> Changing filters guide
2. UV Globe- the globes need changing every 12 months. Your ballast has a count down timer from 365 days and will alarm at 7 days prior. You can silence the alarm, and then reset after installing a new globe, by following the instructions on the ballast. Do not unscrew the silver end cap to change or check the globe
>> Changing globe guide
3.Glass (or quartz) sleeve - this is the glass tube that your globe slides into. This requires cleaning periodically and the seals replaced. If you are installing a new system, clean the glass sleeve after six months. If the sleeve is perfectly clean, then next time leave for a longer period. If the sleeve has a large build up then clean again in three months. 
>> Changing and cleaning quartz sleeve and seals guide
The ballast is beeping and / or showing an error code
There are a number of reasons why the ballast will alarm, but the most common is the globe is due to be replaced (error code A3) . The ballast on your system has a count down timer from either 550 or 365 days depending on the system. Once the days run out, the ballast alarm will sound to indicate the globe is no longer working at optimum levels and needs to be replaced. The alarm can be silenced until you install a new globe by following the instructions on the ballast itself. Note the globe will still be working during this time so the system will still be functional. See link above for how to change your globe.
If your ballast is alarming for another reason, turn the power off, disconnect the cable that attaches to the lamp with a four pin connector, then reconnect to ensure that it has not worked its way loose, then turn the power back on. If the globe is working, there should be a dull blue light emanating from the UV chamber where the globe slides in (note do not remove the globe whilst the system is connected to power). If the globe is not working it may have failed for other reasons. To protect against power surges, your warranty conditions require a surge protector to be fitted where the system plugs into the powerpoint (this is not an RCD).
What order do the filters go in?

For UV systems the filter order MUST be as below (when looking at the system):

        <----------<------      Water flow       <----------<------
         Polyprop          Carbon Block          Pleated

For Citimate systems (non UV) you can use the above configuration, or a different setup depending on your water quality. Contact us if you would like information specific to your town water supply.

Does the UV light stay on all the time?
Yes the UV must be switched on all the time (see exceptions below). As the globes and ballasts are sensitive to power fluctuations it is not advisable to continually switch the power to the system off and then on. When the UV is off the water flowing through the system is not being sterilised for bacteria etc.
If the system is installed in a holiday house, or you are going away for more than a few days, then it is advisable to switch the power off to the system to avoid overheating the UV chamber. Upon your return switch the system back on and run a hose, tap or toilet to flush the unsterilised water through the system.
I've lost my instruction manual and / or installation and service manual
To ensure we provide you with the correct one, either call or email us and we will happily email it to you. If you are not sure which system you have, include a photo of the system and approximate purchase date and we will identify it for you. The above guides may also provide the information you are looking for.




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