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WaterGuard UV Lamp - 75W Philips (prev 95W) GOLD models

$135.00 $125.00

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This Philips 75W lamp replaces the previous 95W generic lamp supplied with Gold and Platinum Systems. The 75W lamp will work with the original ballast the system was shipped with, there is no need to replace any other parts when substituting this lamp.

75W UV Replacement Lamp

Philips 75W UV water sterilizing light that has a strong UVC output of 30mJ/sqcm and a patented cooling system to ensure a 9,000 hour life or 365 days at flow rates of up to 100 ltrs/min.

Spare part for WaterGuard Gold Residential System and Waterguard Platinum Commercial System (2 lamps).

Dimensions of globe:  Total length including pins: 85cm; diameter of non pin end: 1.7cm


Prev GPH846T5L/HO 95W Cynortic

Product Code: 95WK63ED75



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