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Citimate Whole House Filter System


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Filtermate Citimate Whole House Water Filter

The Citimate filtration system is specifically designed for houses on town or mains water which is already treated.

The system removes chlorine and other chemicals from all of your household water providing clean purified water throughout your whole house, including all of your appliances that use water. The Filtermate Citimate Whole House Water Filter System gives you absolute peace of mind.

The system includes three filters: 

  • pleated filter to take out sediment
  • carbon block filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals, toxins and odour as well as improving the taste
  • polypropylene filter to remove very fine sediment

The Citimate is built at our facility in Western Australia and comes fully assembled, tested and mounted to a rigid plastic backboard. An attractive brushed aluminium cover protects the unit from UV damage and the elements. The unit price includes a filter set already inserted in the housings, plus the filter wrench for changing filters.

All components are certified for use on town water supply. The housings are NSF certified, the valves are Watermark certified and the system uses 316 stainless steel fittings. The Citimate system has a full 2 year warranty.

Size of the system including aluminium cover - 82cm x 45cm x 23cm

The Citimate system must be installed by a licensed plumber.


Product Code: WATJ6L7M16



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