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Ranchmate PLUS UV Water Filter


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Filtermate Ranchmate PLUS Commercial UV Water Filter System treats up to 100L/minute. Suitable for large houses or commercial premises that are dependent on untreated water with the option of solenoid shutoff for power/lamp failure and / or a leak detection system.



 1010mm X 570mm X 270mm (aluminium cover)


 36 kg

  Max. Flow Rate

 Up to 100 litres/minute at 70 PSI

  UVC Output

 + 40,000 nJ/sq. cm

  UV Lamp


  Filter Cartridges (3)

 Pleated filter to remove heavy sediment
 Carbon block to remove chlorine and other chemicals, toxins and odour
 Polypropylene filter to remove very fine sediment


  1. Solenoid Valve that shuts off water supply when lamp fails
      -  Note that with this option, if the power supply fails, the water flow will not be impacted
         Please call us if you require an additional Solenoid that cuts the water off in the event of a power failure

  2. Manual Aquatrip programmable Leak Detection System with automatic shutoff valve


  Includes electronic timer ballast; splashproof aluminuim box with UV resistant window; waterproof back board.

  Suitable for all large houses or commercial premises on rural water supply that are dependent on untreated water.


To protect against power surges, warranty conditions require a surge protector to be fitted where the system plugs into the powerpoint (this is not an RCD)

  Filter Cartridges (3)
Need to be replaced every 3-6 months. This will depend on the quality and flow of water through the system.

  UV Lamp
To be replaced every 12 months. The digital ballast has a day counter and will alarm when close to expiry.


  Full maintenance instructions can be found on the Maintenance page.


Product Code: FILG5VDI29



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