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Originally designed to sterilise rural tank and ground water, our water filter systems have grown to service both residential and commercial businesses. Whether you are a small business trying to save money by replacing your weekly water delivery, a cafe trying to prevent your coffee machine from clogging up or a farmer wanting clean and safe drinking water for your family, we have have products that are suitable for you. Our CitiMate system is designed for use on town or scheme pre-treated water where you want removal of chlorine/flouride/calcium and other metals and impurities. 

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When people think about water filtration, they generally only consider drinking water. However consider the possibilities of water borne diseases from other usages like when you're brushing your teeth, having a shower or bath and for general use while cooking and drinking. Filtermate sterilises not only your drinking water, but the water used by your appliances, the water you bathe in and the water you use for washing, thus protecting you and your family against water born diseases and from bacteria such as E.Coli, Giardia and Crypto.


  • Filtering water to food service businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and food manufacturers
  • Filtering water used in toursim developments such as Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks and B&Bs
  • Filtering water for all sizes of homes, including holiday homes
  • Filtering water for Mining and Construction Camps


Rain water tanks can contain bird/bat droppings, possum/rodent faeces, insects, leaves and other dead animals. Tank water is a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Sediment and dirt can clog up your water pipes, washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances which can potentially lead to damage. Bore hole water can contain run-off from fertilizers, chemicals and spray residue as well as cow, sheep and other manure. Town water supplies usually contain chemicals such as Chlorine, and sometimes flouride (dental), which can have cumulative toxic effects on the human body.



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