Consumables for Waterguard and Filtermate Whole House Systems

Water Filter Cartridges

Filtermate supplies the full range of Filtermate and WaterGuard Filter Cartridges.  Our 1 micron Polypropylene, 5 micron Activated Carbon and 5 micron Pleated Filter Cartridges are excellent quality and fully tested in WaterGuard and Filtermate water filtration units.

The first filter the water supply reaches is the 5 micron Pleated which takes heavy sediment out of the supply. It then moves on to the 5 micron Carbon block filter which removes odors, chemicals, chlorine etc. before finally moving through the 1 micron polypropylene filter which removes fine sediment.  

Click here for instructions on changing your filters.


Water filter cartridges
Filtermate / WaterGuard
Poly Prop
Water filter cartridges
Filtermate / WaterGuard
Activated Carbon
Water filter cartridges
Filtermate / WaterGuard



UV Lamp Replacements

Filtermate supplies the full range of UV Globes for WaterGuard and Filtermate systems including the 130W Amalgam, 75W Philips and 40W Philips. Our globes deliver the required ultra violet output to sterilise the water as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our globes are shipped in robust packaging ensuring they arrive at your address intact. Globes carry a 12 month prorated warranty (ie: if your globe fails after 6 months, you only pay 50% of the replacement price, provided you have followed all the manufacturer’s guidelines and maintenance requirements outlined in the manual shipped with your system).

Globes have a useful life of between 12 and 18 months, depending on your system. Although the globes can last considerably longer, the manufacturers recommend changing the globes each year as their output can diminish over time. The ballasts have a countdown timer which will remind you when the globe is due to be replaced. We recommend that you keep a spare globe on hand.

Click here for instructions on changing your globe, quartz sleeve and seals.


Water filter cartridges
WaterGuard Globes - 130W Amalgam
Water filter cartridges
WaterGuard & Filtermate Globes
Philips 75W (previously 95W)
Water filter cartridges
WaterGuard & Filtermate Globes
Philips 40W (previously 41W)



WaterGuard Systems - Spare Parts

Filtermate supplies a comprehensive range of spare parts for most WaterGuard models. Our parts are mostly original WaterGuard supplied and all are thoroughly tested in the WaterGuard units. Where a part is no longer available we are able to recommend or supply alternative parts. All parts come with the standard 1 year or pro-rated warranty.

In addition to replacement electronic ballasts and WaterGuard quartz sleeves, we can supply replacement filter housing seals, gauges, quartz sleeve seals, ‘tennis racket’ filter wrenches and solenoids (shut off valves). If you do not see your required part on our website, please use the enquiry form and let us know what part you are after.



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