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WaterGuard UV Lamp - 40W Philips (prev 41W) Silver model

$125.00 $115.00

Product Description

This Philips 40W lamp replaces the previous 41W generic lamp supplied with the Silver Residential System.

40W UV Replacement Globe

40 Watt UV water sterilizing light that has a strong UVC output of 30mJ/sqcm and a 9,000 hour life, or 365 days, at flow rates of up to 50 ltrs/min.

Spare part for WaterGuard Silver Residential System.

These are Original WaterGuard Lamps.

Dimensions of globe:  Total length including pins: 85cm;  diameter of non pin end: 1.7cm

Prev GPH843T5L 41W Cynortic

Product Code: 41W436P084



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