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Safeguard your family from waterborne diseases with Filtermate or WaterGuard UV water purifier

Originally designed as a farm tank filter system, the robust design and components has helped Filtermate to become one of the best water filters available and used to provide clean, safe drinking water for the whole house, from rainwater, bore water, river, dam, or lake water.

The 3-Stage pre-filtration used water filter cartridges to remove even the finest dirt and sediments. It also removes toxins, smells and odours, including Chlorine, Pesticides, Sprays, Fertilizer Run-offs and Car Exhaust fumes that settle on your roof. The Ultraviolet UV drinking water purifier then kills bacteria, cysts and microbes such as eColi and Giardia.

For people sensitive to chemicals, removing chlorine and other chemicals from your household water can have a life changing effect on your health and wellbeing.


Filtermate protects your health | Your Appliances | Your Plumbing

Not only does the use of a Filtermate whole house filter remove chlorine and improve the taste of your water, it also removes other toxins and chemicals and potentially extends the lifespan of your appliances including water dispensers, coffee machines, dishwashers and hot water systems.

Some water supplies in Australia, particularly those serviced by long distance water pipelines, also contain chloramines. Chloramines are toxic to fish, reptiles and amphibians and still have unidentified chemical constituents. A Filtermate water filter system removes chloramines (have also been identified to corrode rubber gaskets and even stainless steel).


Preassembled and Tested | Quality you can Trust

Our domestic water filters are preassembled at our factory in Perth, ensuring that when you receive the unit, it is ready to install.  All joints are bonded and tested for leaks before leaving our factory. 

Filtermate whole house water filter systems are manufactured from quality components and subject to rigorous testing and quality control.  For the plumbing components, we use quality stainless steel parts and fittings are Watermark and/or NSF certified ensuring complete peace of mind. 

Electronic components include the latest in electronic ballast technology and Philips UV filter globes.  Ballasts are UL certified for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions.


Water Purifiers Proudly Built in Western Australia and shipped throughout Australia

A Filtermate drinking water purifier is built to last.


Filtermate Whole House Water Filter Systems


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  • UV lamp received yesterday, system working again. Thanks for the prompt service. Wish I'd known there was a supplier in Australia when I made the original purchase.

    April 2016 - Western Australia

  • Just letting you know the FilterMate RanchMate has been installed, and our water is now crystal-clear and tastes amazingly clean and fresh. Trouble-free installation and worked fine from the start.

    April 2016 - Western Australia

  • The spare parts for our Gold system arrived yesterday by express post and have been installed - the unit is working perfect. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

    March 2016 - New South Wales

  • Thanks for the advice and especially thanks for the truth!

    December 2015 - Western Australia

  • Wow - the system has been installed and just worked. It looks great.

    August 2015 - Queensland

  • Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue, it is very much appreciated. I always feel that it is very easy to provide good customer service when everything is going right, but the real test is when problems arise as in this case, and you and your crew cannot be faulted in your response thereto.

    August 2015 - New South Wales

  • Thanks to you for excellent and prompt service.

    June 2015 - Western Australia


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